Urban Tribals – Making of the Logo

Making of the logo

4th August, 2016  we shared the first draft of the logo in the Urban Tribals facebook group.


Link of the original post and feedback from the members of the group : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1855900924638588&set=gm.1266437303419168&type=3&theater

We initially wanted to go with inverted 5 and red dot then we switched to UT as a symbol together. Inspired by the suggestions of Pradha Narasimhan  (a member of the Urban Tribals facebook group) brought in  “Aa” and from there came the final logo.
On 22nd August, 2016 – the final logo was reformed and created based on the suggestions from the Urban Tribals facebook group and instincts of our founder.
Link of the Original Facebook post : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1864812747080739&set=gm.1283167725079459&type=3&theater

Hindi letter A reads out to be AAr.  A in the first english alphabet and  अ is first alphabet in Hindi and they both are the first letters we have learnt. It’s represents a start of an era and where we enter the market to stay and grow as a tribe.अ represents aadi (shakti)
T with trushul signifies rudhra which brings balance to existence. The red dot  signifies truth, strength, discipline and stillness in chaos.
Together the symbolism represents the essence of universe.



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