The Colours of Rudraksh

Our in-house expert gives an overview of this sacred seed.

Rudraksha, or a single tear drop of Rudra,  is considered to be a source of good luck, health and prosperity. It is used in Indian medicine and is believed to protect the wearer from evil.

Several people believe that Rudraksha has electro magnetic power. It is energized by cosmic rays and that energy is transmitted to human body leading to good health for the wearer. Rudraksha is available is sizes ranging from 5 mm to 12 mm. Small-sized rudraksh can be used for japa malas and big-sized rudraksha can be used for puja.

According to Puranik, rudraksh is available in following colors

  •  Brahmins Rudraksha  Beads – White color
  • Kshatriyas Rudraksha Beads – Red color
  • Vaishyas Rudraksha Beads- Yellow color
  • Sudras rudraksha Beads – Black color


White Rudraksha are used for gaining good character. Red colored Rudraksha are useful to rule the world and helps in developing leadership quality in a person. Yellow Rudraksha brings wealth and prosperity to the wearer. Yellow Rudraksha increases positivity in a person. Black colored Rudraksha gives good health and increase longevity in a person.

Location of availability, environmental conditions classifies the colors to certain extent.

At the time of wearing Rudraksha mala it can be of honey or other colour but during the course of time all malas will become black and hard due to the contact of fat containing sweat of the human body.


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