Hand Painted – Leather Jewelry

India, has a rich cultural heritage. It’s enriched by unique folk art forms, from different states. Some time back, these art forms were on the decline, and the new generation artists were moving to different professions, which would give them a steady and guaranteed income.

But things are changing for the good… More and more people are taking interest in these art forms, thus establishing a flourishing market for them..
 Sanghamitra Kaviraj  designs jewellery which are inspired by the different folk art forms. It was not an easy task and It took her several months for her to convince the artist to create something, which he had not seen before – finally they agreed to work with her designs – once a little convinced, he started work with a lot of hesitation. After multiple tries, she finally got exactly leather jewelry she wanted to create. The leather jewelleries hand-painted with tholu bommalata motifs. This folk art from Andhra Pradesh, is popular for puppet shows, which created a jewelry out of it.
Process of Making Leather Jewelry:
1. The leather, usually goat hide, though now a days factory processed ones, are extensively cleaned and prepared for the art work.
2. Motifs are drawn with bamboo pens.
3. Then coloured with leather colours.
4. Then they are transformed into jewellery, a wearable art.
So when you are wearing a tholu bommalata leather jewellery, you are not only wearing a statement neckpiece, but you are wearing an Art piece. You are supporting the folk art form to develop , sustain and nourish in present and future.
About  Sanghamitra Kaviraj:
You can connect to her on facebook page : Mitra
link: https://www.facebook.com/MitraIndia.in/?ref=br_rs

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