Making Jewelry from Lac

Urban Tribals

Making Jewelry from LacMaterials required:

  • Vessel for burning fire with coal — Bhatti
  • Spindle
  • Iron board — Patra
  • Iron instrument for used to form shape — Hatta
  • Scissors
  • Wooden spear – Sel
  • Bowl of water


Step 1:Heat the iron board on the batti.                         l1
Step 2:

Take the lac stuck on the spindle. Heat it very close to the burning coal and roll it in a circular motion, enough to see the lac thaw(from solid form to a paste-like form).


Step 3:

While rolling the spindle, observe the lac forming into a long thick paste-like form. Take it off the bhatti and onto the iron board. Now take colored lacs and melt it placing near to the coal. Make sure you melt only enough amount that is needed.

NOTE: You can apply more than one color giving it an ethnic appearance.


Step 4:

Start shaping it into a long cylindrical form using the hatta. You can even shape it later with your hand while the lac is warm, giving the bangle a smooth texture.

lc4  lc-5

Step 5:

Cut off the string of lac with a scissor and tie it in a slight half knot immediately just to give it a tied-look. Take the wooden spear and shape the bangle as per the size desired.

Step 6:

Put it in the bowl of water for few minutes and your bangle is ready to use.


Craftsmen: Mumtazzudin and Zeenat Shah at the Craft Bazaar in Dakshinachitra, Chennai.

Workshops conducted at all times. Please contact in advance for group bookings.

Interviewer : Usha ARUN


Usha Arun is a dynamic entrepreneur, mother and fitness enthusiast. She has recently discovered her love for jewelry and loves flaunting them in Urban Tribals.

Check out her page My Art Space :


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